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  In Psychic Moments: Confessions of a Shut-eye, you will find some  “psychic rituals,” “psychic games,” reading techniques and strategies to create psychic experiences.

Now in the 2nd edition, you will get not only the original document but also extra new ideas and fantastic workable techniques for your repertoire as performer and/or reader.

 These are not “mentalism tricks” or “effects” in any way, but moments that you can create for your clients or in other settings which are appropriate. 

 If you are working with skeptics, this material will not work properly, although with good charisma and a good mindset, you can convert skeptics into believers.  

Learn how to elicit controlled pain, reveal zodiac signs (no branc**ng ana***m), Q&A , a test of mindreading with a book (you can use this same book), real method of heart to heart connection and much more ! 

 Carlos has written a real winner. Very direct to the point with priceless ideas.  I highly recommend this book it's full of gems for the serious worker 
Neal Scryer

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